Friday, March 30, 2012

{Black} RoCKinG ChAiR

Bigger Chunky Rocker
This piece would be great on a porch.  It was a nice day today, and I couldn't help but sit outside and rock-a-bye my little girl in it for awhile.  After we click the pics.  
We LoVeD iT!
This rocker would be {Darling} in a nursery too.


This is the last ROCKING CHAIR in my if you want it, get it now.  You never know when I am going to have another one available.


Originally it had this scroll carved into it's headrest.  I filled it with putty and sanded it flush.  Easy breezie, problem solved.  After this step, I sanded the piece and applied the black paint.  Next, I sanded the edges here-n-there, and then added glaze over the entire piece.  Finally, sealing it with a semi-gloss poly.

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