Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eli's RoOm {BeFoRE} CaM's iNVaSion!!!

Look fast because it is no more...
The makeover is underway.  I have to say that this was a happy room.  I love the bright colors and black furniture.  The fan was my favorite.  In fact, the entire room was done because I saw the fan before our house was started and decorated the room around it.  I'm glad to say that we passed the cute fan and everything else (including the black furniture) to a cute family with three little boys in our neighborhood.  We moved Eli into this room when he was three.  He had to step out and away when Cameron started to destroy it.  
Who knew how much he would enjoy wallpaper removing.  
 Note that it should say ELIJAH in blocks but Cameron moved in before I took the pics.  When I was finished clicking with the camera, Cam removed everything and replaced the "kid" stuff with his MORE AWESOME Scout/Motorcycle/Magic stuff (he wants to be a Magician when he is older).  So, look past the pics of him and such~OKAY?

 Even the light switch matched the theme.  I ordered the wallpaper online, and G and I installed it in our unfinished home.  We didn't even have running water or power to aid with the installation.  It was an adventure.  That same day, we hung up the chair rail and painted the bright colored walls.  Did I say that I was six months pregnant during this.  Yep.  It was also a cool summer day in July--NOT.  I can still feel the heat....

This {D}arling comforter was also bought online.  It was discontinued and didn't come with any other pieces. So, I found the pillows from various stores (mostly Target).  The large red one, I made.  We were living at my parent's home during the last few months of the build when I tackled the project.  I remember my Mom asking me, "You're still sewing that?"  Yeah, like she thinks I can whip something square with three straight pieces of fabric out like that.  Not.  It took me a while.  BUT it was perfectly finished for a very special child.

I found these old baseballs in my parents' shed.  
Loved that they were soooo old and used by my really old brothers LOL.
*Just joking boys*

 NOTICE the old bats for curtain rods.  Cool, right?  
Thanks to my Momma's hoarding habits.

I don't think this went with the "Theme," but the colors matched.  Also, he liked it, so it stayed.  This little train moves around often.  I noticed that it is in the pics of Hailey's room too.

 I bought these ball at Walmart just because they are {Baby} ones.

I'm still reusing these baskets in Cameron's new stuff.  I'll share later, BUT I love baskets for all sorts of sorting.  Don't you?

Awe, two of my kiddos.  
They made it in the frames because the girl at Sears Photo gave them "sport" theme props to hold.  Thus, they made it and the other two didn't. 
FYI, another kid has his pics in the bathroom because he was photographed with a yellow rubber duck.  Well, that room is filled with yellow rubber ducks.
 See how it works around here--it's got to "Go" with the stuff.

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