Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Glass} ToP ENd TaBLe

This {LiTtLE NuMBeR} is FAB


 {C}ute accent table for any room!!!

~~~Creamy White~~~ 
22" Deep X 27" Wide X 20" High         
The finish is a chocolate glaze with a semi-gloss clear finish.  I used a Vasoline Technique to take off most of the white before distressing it more.  I wanted an extra layer of aging added, so, after scrapping off some of the white, I repainted it again with a watered down coat.  I love how some of the thin white shows here-and-there.  VeRy COol EfFEct - Don'tcha think?


A {LiTtLE} Progress...
I found that some of the manufacturing joints were bug'in me---SO I had to putty some more before going any further.  
I like my stuff perfect (even if the "perfect" is distressed to look imperfect, does that make sense?)

Lov'in Glass Tops!!!
 I have glass on almost everything that is used often in our home.  If it isn't part of the design, I have a piece cut and added to the top.  

I am the person who leaves a drink on a wood top and walks away....
then, returns to a liquid ring.  

It now has a piece of glass added to it BECAUSE, I caused a liquid ring.   
 Yes, I got to refinish it again.  
The glass I bought has a beveled edge and is tinted a dark brown color.  
I {HEART} the tinted piece of glass--it makes the chocolate stain appear almost black-YET I can still see the checkered pattern in the top.  

This is my home, I kept the piece instead of selling it!!!  My hubby is like: "Ang, you need to sell stuff too."  HA, Ha, ha.....

I {HeARt} all of my readers!

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