Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Full Length Mirror

Darling Full Length Mirror
Dark Teal~ Turquoise

This would be so cute in a girls room.  {W}ho doesn't want to check out their entire look before heading out.  Little girls just like to twirl in front of it.  

The size is 46H X 16W.  
The color is a turquoise/teal color.  
A darker shade then most.  

It has been glazed with a darker brown to take some of the punch of teal out.  It is {distressed} lightly.  The inside has been caulked to keep the inner reflection from showing.  It really gave it a polished look.  I also gave it a poly coat and added hanging hardware to the back.  

It turned out perfect!  
I'm loving it, I wish it was lighter and I would have hung it in {M}y little girls room.  I feel bad that she has to watch herself twirling in the reflection of the TV.  I'm looking for another one for her.  

Call me if your interested in this one.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SOLD: {M}isson Style Hutch

Thanks Stephanie & Nick

They called right after I decorated it for Thanksgiving~~

I hope they get it and them home safely.
They're going to {Love} it in their new home.

One last look~~

More to come....
You're gonna want to follow me!!!
Now, I'm off to watch Modern Family...

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{O}ut with Halloween and {I}n with Giving Thanks !

True Story.

I sat down after a {Fab} Halloween Night with family/friends/neighbors and saw the weather report........

Cold tomorrow and rain.--RAIN on my purple couch.....Purple on my porch......Purple CONCRETE FOREVER!!!  YIKES!!!

So, I rallied, and got dressed.  Finished up and got in bed at 1:30 {In addition, an HOUR after I had been sleeping, one of my boys threw up on the carpet-Wakie, Wakie}.  

NOW, my home looks like~~~~~~
Complete with a {Pilgrim}on my porch and some fall wreaths and pumpkins.   

~~HaPPy ThANksGiVIng~~

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For Sale: End TAble/ NiGHt StanD

Night STANd or ENd TaBLe
Demensions: 22W X 27D X 21H

REALLY CUTE!  This is a lighter teal/turquoise & looks sooo cute next to a girls bed.  

It is a fun {Pop} of color for an end table too!

It has been refinished by priming, painting, stressing/shabbing/knocking off the corners.  I {LOVE} how the white primer shows through.  I finished it with a light glazed & protective coat.  The top is SUPER shinny.

The BEFORE pic is soooo different from the current refinished look.  I changed out the hardware and updated with a fun color and gorgeous finish.  YOU are going to love this in your home.

Follow my blog~~It's going to be good !!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Sale: {M}isson Style Hutch

Thinking about 
keeping this one for myself....

It is darling displaying all of my trinkets in it, RIGHT? 

Lighted Black Hutch.  Square shapes/edges.  Shabby chic/distressed and glazed a dark tone.  Kept the original hardware because it was perfect for the piece.  Sometimes, if you use the old stuff-it takes away from the updating of the piece.  Not in this case, it adds.  This piece has been finished with poly and a few layers of waxing.  Glass shelving helps everything illuminate with the lighting turned on.  
{It makes your stuff look AMAZING}.  

Solid piece of furniture.  Very sound.  The only marks are from what I did to create a {shabby} effect.  Shelving underneath, and glass grooving on the shelves {for displaying fancy dishes}.  


It looks strange because------I had already started taking the shine off when I remember the pics.  

Thus, this is a pic of the top before sanding, and a pic of the bottom with the sanding started {oopsie}.  Let's celebrate that fact that I got a "before", RIGHT?

Monday, October 17, 2011

{Little Turquoise Side Table} TEAL


Darling turquoise/teal end table/night stand

With a FaNCy HaNDy Drawer--

Lately, I have wanted to have this color in my home.  

It is everywhere in the decorating stores-electric robin egg blue--kind-of-a turquoise/teal color.  This shade is darker than others.  If you wanted just a splash here or there-this little table is a great size.  It has been drying in my little girls room, and I have to say, it would be so, so, soooo cute next to a little girls bed.  You could use it as a night stand.  The size is 20W X 24D X 23H. I primed, painted, distressed, and glazed it.  Loving the white peaking through.  After it was finished drying, it was waxed.  The little drawer would be handy too.

It's all in the DeTaILs...I am loving the crystal handle, and if you put a glass lamp on it-PERFECTION!  

What did it start out looking like?

& now....dolled it up for you below-

Happy Halloween--Eek!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{O}nce your Granny's Table


Once A Granny Table--Not Anymore!
So Shabby Chic

Nice solid wood table.  It has one small leaf that is meant to be left in all the time.  With the leaf, you can sit five people.  The table comes with 5 chairs.  Perfect for the typical American Fam, right?  Don't statistics state that the average American Fam has 2 1/2 kidos?  {Not for me, I have FIVE}  If you only want to sit four, the fifth chair would be darling left in the corner with a pillow placed on it.

It has been refinished in black with trendy stenciling done on the top {this is why the leaf needs to stay inside the table}.  Each chair has also been refinished in black and I rubbed white into the detailing on the head rests.  This adds to the white stencils on the table.  The entire set has been distressed and glazed.  Everything has been sealed with poly and wax.  For sale today!

NOW, THE PROCESS..............................

BEFORE: Granny Table

Coming Along.....{my Hubby is glad-it's in his way}

Still need to paint the bottom, glaze and give it a finish coat-

The left one has detailing finished on the top and has been distressed w/steel wool.  The left, still needs to have the dust wiped off and more attention & work.

I glazed the top details with white paint.  
You can see the difference above-
Left has white added, Right is plain.

This detail adds to the white {stenciling} on the table top- 

I've displayed a little stuff {Center Piece} for the holiday...

HaPpY HaLloWEen!

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