Thursday, November 29, 2012

{White} Drawers


{Shabby Chic} 
Chest of Drawers White




This one is tall ...
...kind of narrow

The dimensions are: 54 1/2" TALL, 21" WIDE, 15"DEEP, The top of the dresser is a little wider and deeper for decoration. It measures 16" Deep and 22 1/2" Wide.

**I refinished this in a bright white**


 She's Got ~CURVES~


I refinished this in a bright white. It hasn't been glazed. It has a gloss top coat. All of the hardware was changed to a bright chrome color. It is in great condition. Fully refinished with a shabby chic effect. Would be darling in a little girl's room. I would put this into my room too. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Pink Pink

Adirondack chair
Hot Pink

     {IT's PiNk}

This is a must have darling little chair.  
It would be so darn cute under the Christmas tree.  
Any little girl would love to sit and sip lemonade in this little chair.

Just refinished and listed!!!

The dimensions are: 17 1/2 Wide Arms, 14" deep seat, 13" high arms, 8" high seat, 20" high at the tallest in the back.

Really cute and special for a little girl.  
Has been totally refinished and topped with a clear coat for protection.

These little chairs don't last long, so if you are thinking about it~act fast!!!

REALLY hard to find!


Teal Turquoise Night Stand

          {Love It}

Just refinished and perfect.  

It is a darker turquoise color with silver drawer pulls.  It would be perfect next to a little girl's bed or in her room.  

This is the {Hot} color right now.  
It is a nice change from pink.  
I love using this color.

The dimensions are: 24" X 15" wide and 23" high.

The piece was stained a dark color, then primed in white, coated in turquoise, distressed, glazed in a dark coat, and topped off with a gloss poly coat.  It is so, so cute.  

It really turned out fabulous!!!

Such a cute accent piece to a room.

~~Would look great in an adult room too~~

Love it!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Accent} Green CHAIR

SUCH a Cute ACCENT to a Porch 
or the Corner of a Room~~~
Newly refinished

I primed, painted, distressed, distressed more, and then glazed.  Clear coated so it can be put out on a covered porch area.  

I think this color will go with every season!!!  
***It's a "minty bright" green***


Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Purple} {Purple}

Little End Table
For Sale  $40

So Cute!!!!  
It would be darling next to a little girl's bed.  
It is just the right size for a twin bed.  

The color is a light purple, lavender.  

The dimensions are: 17 1/2" X 12 1/2" wide, 20" high, and the bottom shelf is 6 1/2" off the ground.

It was a dark wood that has been primed in a white.  Then it was painted purple, distressed, glazed in a light brown, and finally given a poly coat. 

***Really darling finished***

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