Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{L}ight GrEEn RoCKiNg ChAIr


I have a thing for rocking chairs, do U?

This is a rocking chair that was a "DeCOraTiOn" chair in her nursery.  It was never sat in~~YEP, sometimes things are just for "looks". 
 My husband may never understand this......

The color of this rocking chair is a light lime green color.  It was originally painted the colors of  my little girl's nursery.  I distressed, glazed it, then apply a thick semi-gloss finish.

Have you seen her nursery, yet?
Go have a look because she is now 2 and I'm going redo it for a "bigger" little girl's room.  I'm thinking a "play" hutch and little tea party table.  That's why I have to get this rocky chair out of the corner!

You can see her nursery here: HoMe ToUR GiRLy NuRsEry.  
Anyhow, her wall colors are borderline florescent-so I glazed this rocking chair JUST A BIT, to take some of the "BURNING GLOW" out.  The pics aren't doing the color justice.  It is much lighter {I PROMISE}.  The color is perfect, for a perfect little girl's room.  The color makes me happy.  If it wasn't "right," I would have repainted it for my only little girl.

Question:  Are you spreading the word about the AWESOME NEW BLOG?

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