{GiRLy NuRsERy}

I was featured here!!!!
On February 26, 2010, our family welcomed the arrival of our baby girl.  Hailey Catherine.  She is the only girl in a family of four other brothers.  SO, you can imagine the excitement of a GIRL!!!  Can I just say, LOTS and LOTS of pink.  I started decorating her room shortly after Christmas, and finished two hours before labor.  It truly is a site to see.  Her room brings to us, and her, great happiness.  The colors are soooo bright and PINK.  The only colors I left out of the room were black and red.  These few colors have made it in by way of hair bows and clothing though.  Look around for your own inspiration.  P.S. I hope you all get to enjoy the gift of a little girl...

These where once napkin ring holders from Tai Pan.  I cut the wire and twisted it to fit.  If you live in Utah and don't know about Tai Pan, you have been living under a rock.  Go quickly to the link below and start driving there.  You'll thank me.
Not the typically mobile.  MORE fun and can be used later when she is bigger for a "doll".  Again, found at Tai Pan around Spring/Easter season.

The Hutch 411.
The bottom is from http://www.rcwilley.com/  the top was found at a scratch and dent furniture store.  Sorry, this is a one of-a-kind.  Anyway, we placed the two on top of each other after adding more crown to the top and painting them the same color white.  We also, had to take the back off and add bead board.  I though that it was a nice compliment to the crib (repeating the stripped look).  The bead board was painted with bubble gum paint and glazed just like the crib.  Note: that the bottom of the hutch has white peg board on it.  We can't wait for Hailey to write little note and stick on it.

{DaRLiNg} right?

Here are some before/during pics.
It all started with these FOUR boys and still no girl.
Soooooo we didn't know if we were done AND we weren't.
{Now we are}

I'm almost ready BUT the nursery wasn't....
so with little time to spare, and feeling great.  I got started.
REALLY I waited this long.  I had to get through the holidays and she wasn't coming until the end of February.  That's enough time, right?


Awaiting her arrival.  It's was 11:00 PM. 
Then.... She came @ 12:20 A.M.

~HER BIGGEST FAN...Daddy's {Little} Girl~

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