Sunday, October 23, 2011

For Sale: End TAble/ NiGHt StanD

Night STANd or ENd TaBLe
Demensions: 22W X 27D X 21H

REALLY CUTE!  This is a lighter teal/turquoise & looks sooo cute next to a girls bed.  

It is a fun {Pop} of color for an end table too!

It has been refinished by priming, painting, stressing/shabbing/knocking off the corners.  I {LOVE} how the white primer shows through.  I finished it with a light glazed & protective coat.  The top is SUPER shinny.

The BEFORE pic is soooo different from the current refinished look.  I changed out the hardware and updated with a fun color and gorgeous finish.  YOU are going to love this in your home.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Sale: {M}isson Style Hutch

Thinking about 
keeping this one for myself....

It is darling displaying all of my trinkets in it, RIGHT? 

Lighted Black Hutch.  Square shapes/edges.  Shabby chic/distressed and glazed a dark tone.  Kept the original hardware because it was perfect for the piece.  Sometimes, if you use the old stuff-it takes away from the updating of the piece.  Not in this case, it adds.  This piece has been finished with poly and a few layers of waxing.  Glass shelving helps everything illuminate with the lighting turned on.  
{It makes your stuff look AMAZING}.  

Solid piece of furniture.  Very sound.  The only marks are from what I did to create a {shabby} effect.  Shelving underneath, and glass grooving on the shelves {for displaying fancy dishes}.  


It looks strange because------I had already started taking the shine off when I remember the pics.  

Thus, this is a pic of the top before sanding, and a pic of the bottom with the sanding started {oopsie}.  Let's celebrate that fact that I got a "before", RIGHT?

Monday, October 17, 2011

{Little Turquoise Side Table} TEAL


Darling turquoise/teal end table/night stand

With a FaNCy HaNDy Drawer--

Lately, I have wanted to have this color in my home.  

It is everywhere in the decorating stores-electric robin egg blue--kind-of-a turquoise/teal color.  This shade is darker than others.  If you wanted just a splash here or there-this little table is a great size.  It has been drying in my little girls room, and I have to say, it would be so, so, soooo cute next to a little girls bed.  You could use it as a night stand.  The size is 20W X 24D X 23H. I primed, painted, distressed, and glazed it.  Loving the white peaking through.  After it was finished drying, it was waxed.  The little drawer would be handy too.

It's all in the DeTaILs...I am loving the crystal handle, and if you put a glass lamp on it-PERFECTION!  

What did it start out looking like?

& now....dolled it up for you below-

Happy Halloween--Eek!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

{O}nce your Granny's Table


Once A Granny Table--Not Anymore!
So Shabby Chic

Nice solid wood table.  It has one small leaf that is meant to be left in all the time.  With the leaf, you can sit five people.  The table comes with 5 chairs.  Perfect for the typical American Fam, right?  Don't statistics state that the average American Fam has 2 1/2 kidos?  {Not for me, I have FIVE}  If you only want to sit four, the fifth chair would be darling left in the corner with a pillow placed on it.

It has been refinished in black with trendy stenciling done on the top {this is why the leaf needs to stay inside the table}.  Each chair has also been refinished in black and I rubbed white into the detailing on the head rests.  This adds to the white stencils on the table.  The entire set has been distressed and glazed.  Everything has been sealed with poly and wax.  For sale today!

NOW, THE PROCESS..............................

BEFORE: Granny Table

Coming Along.....{my Hubby is glad-it's in his way}

Still need to paint the bottom, glaze and give it a finish coat-

The left one has detailing finished on the top and has been distressed w/steel wool.  The left, still needs to have the dust wiped off and more attention & work.

I glazed the top details with white paint.  
You can see the difference above-
Left has white added, Right is plain.

This detail adds to the white {stenciling} on the table top- 

I've displayed a little stuff {Center Piece} for the holiday...

HaPpY HaLloWEen!

Monday, October 10, 2011

{H}alloween Costume Idea

This year I had one of my Boys say: 
"I want to be a Scarecrow."

How do you make a Scarecrow?

Here is what I did.  
It wasn't hard, and took about two hours to complete.  He wanted it to look like something we would have on {O}ur porch.  So, if it were on {My} porch-it wouldn't be scary~but cute.  His plan was to blend into the decorations and then scare unsuspecting TRicK-oR-TreATers.  

The problem, he is a young teen and it had to be somewhat scary OR he would be heckled by the other boys. Right?  

I went to my craft supplies.  I knew I had stuff from the year before when I made Scarecrows to sell {Maybe, I'll do it again Next Year}.  Anyway, I had everything but pants.  So we found those at the D.I. {A loCAl ThrIFt STorE}.

Then............GOT out my favorite weapon~

NExt: I added Raffia on all of the cuffs w/the glue gun.  I just added gobs here or there.  It didn't have to be perfect because he was a scarecrow.  Also, glue some raffia hair to the hat and add a dab in the pocket {for cuteness}.  

I knew after a few parties, it would fall off here and there anyway.  Plus, sometimes, I found myself crushing the raffia to add were I missed a spot.  

Then I did the patches.  I DID NOT SEW these on.....I glued them too.  After they cooled, I added the stitch detail with a sharpie marker.  AGAIN, Easy & Fast.  

Just add at the elbows, knees, and front pocket.   

Now, for the board across his back.  I found one in the garage, it was a 1"x4"x36" pine.  Cut a slit in the back of the shirt were there is two layers of fabric.  It worked well to hold the board in place.  Before pushing it through, I drilled two holes at his shoulders.  Threaded a small string through to tie to his britches.  Then pushed it in and threaded the string into another hole I cut that would lead to his belt loops.  
Check out  the pictures to understand better.  

{It's kind-of a redneck approach BUT who cares-You aren't wearing the wedgie, RIGHT?}

These are his REDNECK suspenders ~~HA HA 

While the glue gun was still hot, I added the crow.  I had to drill the board were he sat-so I could thread the wire on his feet through it.  If you don't do this, the crow will fall of at the edge of your drive way the minute they head out for candy.

ANyWAy, I glued some moss stuff at the bottom to cover the mechanics up.  My son, asked what that moss was for and I said, "Scarecrows stay put in a field....You don't think birds build nests on them?  Did you want poop down your back too?"  We laughed.  I love him.

Lastly, a scary mask {Ya, one less face to paint this season}.  This was from an old costume from a few years ago.  Worked good and it made it appropriate for a teen.  I tied an old rope from scouts around his waist and add the bandanna around his neck.  He will have boots on that night.
Completed the look with gloves to grab you with.  REMEMBER, his arms aren't connected to the board.  He has to hold them up to really look the part.

If you were doing this for a girl, I would find a pink flannel and paint her face cute. 

I promise this was easy!!!


Here are the kids heading out for the night.  
I love that my Daughter is a cute kitten with monster arms in the air.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{This} is Halloween

Halloween at our Home
First, this is my favorite song at Halloween.
Have a listen.
{This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Now that you're in the spirit....I wanted to show you a peak of our {H}oliday HALLOWEEN decorating.

This is HaLloWEen {My} style......not the scary kind with the blood and guts.  This "kind" is whimsical {Not} scary for the sake of little people/girls {ie: Hailey-if she doesn't like it, it goes back in the box tell next year}.

Owe, by-the-way, HALLOWEEN at our house seems really PURPLE this year.

Anywho, it started when my best-ie had a PURPLE couch she had painted for a Halloween party.

{ta-da  da-da} 
This little beauty was free and took 5 cans of Krylon-5.  So, that's really-like $25-$30 in paint for the cost.  BUT she doesn't look at stuff like that.  Anyway, lucky for me.  I bet her finger was falling off!
AFTER the party, I inherited it.  How often do you get to use a PURPLE couch and then get rid of it afterwards-NO storing for me! {I think my husband was scared we were it's new owner, though}  Hello people, she even delivered it.  
I love her gutts.

Sooooo.....this is what I did. {Finished it at 12 0'clock a.m.}

& then we took some pumpkins and did this......

My friend, with the purple couch, also delivered 48 pumpkins to us for the cause.  They are the ones Walmart don't want {no stem/flat spot/green side/NOT right}.

{Our} sPoOkyness gets even better at night~~~Hee Hee Hee

                                   So, what do you think?

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