Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{W}ho's rOoM iS ThIS????

Yesterday~~~Brody's Room
Today~~~Gavin's Room.
NOTE: I also have a link to this room in my side bar.  I am just making sure you get to have a good look at it before the MAKEOVER.

This is the room that Gavin now lives in and that I am currently redecorating in Orange, Black and Blue.  
~~Stay tuned for the reveal~~  

 I kept all of the "old" vintage toys from this room.  I plan use them to create an "Old Toy" Christmas tree this year.  It should be darling.  I want to make/sew some little elves who are hanging them by ladders and swings from the ceiling.  Have to make the ladder and swing too.   It will be {d}arling.  
I'm glad to have PINTEREST
to find the elf creating ideas and such~~
~~are you following me on PINTEREST ?
OH, if you don't know what it is....get out from under the rock your living under.  LOL

 See that dresser in the corner?  I'm going to refinish it and sell it!  
If you want it in a specific color, contact me  HERE.

My plans include: 
Repainting the bed and long red shelf.  
I have a small desk to refinish.  
Taking down the boarder wall paper stuff.
New curtains.
Framed art-including motorcycle pics {which I have to edit and print-maybe take some more because most of his gear is in his blue gear NOT the new OrANge StUfF and it MATTERS to THIS KID}. 

Ummmm....find stuff to put on the shelf and some way for him to display his different trophies.

I have a few things under my belt....
I already refinished an orange dresser 
New lamp and "Bed in a Bag" stuff bought.
ALMOST done right?  NOT.
I enjoy doing stuff like this-BUT HATE the MESS!!! Am I the only one?
Oh, and the stuff U find in the cracks.  These boys keep EVERYTHING--even rocks!!!


So, anyway......I'll show the progress soon.


Rooms by Ann said...

You did a great job with this room can't wait to see what you do next. Thanks for sharing.

{A}ngie said...

Thanks U for the compliment. I have been working hard on the reveal. Stay turned!

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