{UpCoMIng PrOjECts}

Will not be a bed anymore...

This is going to be transformed into a bench.  Painted black and distressed a bit.  I've never tried this before, but-I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  Owe ya, I have two beds.  2 Beds=2 Benches.


This {Swanky} dresser is going be orange.  Ya, that's what I said, ORANGE.  It's the color of the season.  Have you noticed it everywhere.  After some glaze, it will be toned down, plus the front is going to be a stain (No Paint).  Notice the grain pattern in the draw fronts-sassy.

I love the little flare in the corners.

This great little table will have the flip sides taken off (there is one side totally gone already).  Refinished and glazed.  Not sure on the color yet.  Size is 31W x 23D x 18H.

Long and skinny.  Clean lines.  Timeless piece.
Love that this sofa table has clean edges.  It will allow just a little stressing.  What color will I being painting this?  Unknown.  It usually takes me a few to figure it out.  Need inspiration.  Have you checked my Pinterest link?  Follow me, you won't regret it.  Size of the table is 52W x 22D x 18H.

Awe ya, Right?
This is awesome.  It is going to be great with a flat screen on it.  It can be used as a buffet, dresser, etc.  I'm going to paint the top and bottom molding black.  The mid section, is going to be white.  All distressed and glazed.  I have awesome knobs already and will paint some strips on the inside drawers for a element of surprise (even if the owner only sees them).

Rocking Chair that Rocks.
Anyone expecting?
Rock-a-bye-baby.  Great shape, will be painted white and distressed a bit.  I'm planning on adding some vinyl across the headrest.  Will be so so DARLING.  
4ft H x 2ft W -the seat is 16" off the floor.

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