Monday, October 17, 2011

{Little Turquoise Side Table} TEAL


Darling turquoise/teal end table/night stand

With a FaNCy HaNDy Drawer--

Lately, I have wanted to have this color in my home.  

It is everywhere in the decorating stores-electric robin egg blue--kind-of-a turquoise/teal color.  This shade is darker than others.  If you wanted just a splash here or there-this little table is a great size.  It has been drying in my little girls room, and I have to say, it would be so, so, soooo cute next to a little girls bed.  You could use it as a night stand.  The size is 20W X 24D X 23H. I primed, painted, distressed, and glazed it.  Loving the white peaking through.  After it was finished drying, it was waxed.  The little drawer would be handy too.

It's all in the DeTaILs...I am loving the crystal handle, and if you put a glass lamp on it-PERFECTION!  

What did it start out looking like?

& now....dolled it up for you below-

Happy Halloween--Eek!!

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