Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{This} is Halloween

Halloween at our Home
First, this is my favorite song at Halloween.
Have a listen.
{This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Now that you're in the spirit....I wanted to show you a peak of our {H}oliday HALLOWEEN decorating.

This is HaLloWEen {My} style......not the scary kind with the blood and guts.  This "kind" is whimsical {Not} scary for the sake of little people/girls {ie: Hailey-if she doesn't like it, it goes back in the box tell next year}.

Owe, by-the-way, HALLOWEEN at our house seems really PURPLE this year.

Anywho, it started when my best-ie had a PURPLE couch she had painted for a Halloween party.

{ta-da  da-da} 
This little beauty was free and took 5 cans of Krylon-5.  So, that's really-like $25-$30 in paint for the cost.  BUT she doesn't look at stuff like that.  Anyway, lucky for me.  I bet her finger was falling off!
AFTER the party, I inherited it.  How often do you get to use a PURPLE couch and then get rid of it afterwards-NO storing for me! {I think my husband was scared we were it's new owner, though}  Hello people, she even delivered it.  
I love her gutts.

Sooooo.....this is what I did. {Finished it at 12 0'clock a.m.}

& then we took some pumpkins and did this......

My friend, with the purple couch, also delivered 48 pumpkins to us for the cause.  They are the ones Walmart don't want {no stem/flat spot/green side/NOT right}.

{Our} sPoOkyness gets even better at night~~~Hee Hee Hee

                                   So, what do you think?

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All That Glitters said...

I love your Halloween decor! I found you on Pinterest! I hope you post your decorations this year. I like whimsical decor myself.

Take care!

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