Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Sale: {M}isson Style Hutch

Thinking about 
keeping this one for myself....

It is darling displaying all of my trinkets in it, RIGHT? 

Lighted Black Hutch.  Square shapes/edges.  Shabby chic/distressed and glazed a dark tone.  Kept the original hardware because it was perfect for the piece.  Sometimes, if you use the old stuff-it takes away from the updating of the piece.  Not in this case, it adds.  This piece has been finished with poly and a few layers of waxing.  Glass shelving helps everything illuminate with the lighting turned on.  
{It makes your stuff look AMAZING}.  

Solid piece of furniture.  Very sound.  The only marks are from what I did to create a {shabby} effect.  Shelving underneath, and glass grooving on the shelves {for displaying fancy dishes}.  


It looks strange because------I had already started taking the shine off when I remember the pics.  

Thus, this is a pic of the top before sanding, and a pic of the bottom with the sanding started {oopsie}.  Let's celebrate that fact that I got a "before", RIGHT?

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