Sunday, April 1, 2012

{Darling} WhITe ChEst of DrAwERs

Just listed & it's going to go quick!!!
Not SO GREAT, Right?

Well, after some putty, sanding, putty, sanding, and finally primer,  
I coated it with a bright white paint.  Then I distressed, and glazed with the lightest shade I can mix.  {I wanted it to have a Bright/Clean/Fresh finish} & it does. 
BEFORE putting the knobs on, I sprayed it with a High-gloss poly finish. 
I have to say, it turned out perfect!
~{A} quick pic of it before I sanded the edges to add a "DiStReSSed" Look~

NOW, for the funnest part.  Distressing.  
I love how it brings out all the unique corners and edges!
Without this step in refinishing furniture, furniture losses it's character!  -BORING-  
I hate boring things-don't you?

So stinking cute!!!

** I love the mis-matched drawer pulls. **

They add so much to the piece. They are unexpected and really unique. 

The dresser has a lot of storage with 5 drawers. 
The dimensions of the piece are:

2"10" W X 18" D X 3'10" T

I can see it in a bedroom with a chandelier and with ruffles on the bedding. I love the pop of purple inside the drawers. They'll make you smile every time you pull the drawers open. 

The dresser is really sturdy and made by Broyhill. 
***This would be so cute in a little girl's room or young woman's space***

The knobs are my favorite. 
The piece also has a ton of edges for fun dimension in a room.

The piece is going to last through the years because the colors are neutral. 
You can mix the Black and white with everything. 

I'm OFF to work on Bedrooms, and Chores.  
Happy DAYS!!!

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Cassie Bustamante said...

it looks pretty- what i really love is the varying knobs! they are so fun!

leah mari said...

Oh I just love it great piece :)

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