Monday, January 16, 2012

{W}rist Issues are Done ! ! !

I've had this Lump (pictured below)
throbbing for a while now, so I had it diced out. 

It's called a ~Ganglion Cyst~ 
I've gotten comments {Like}...
"It's a bump you hit with a LARGE book"  

the Doc doesn't recommend this because
it will break your wrist in addition to the bump.  
(Like you would be able to hold it there when whomever raises the book)

It finally healed over...Sooooooo
I'm BACK!!!
With a nasty scar... BUT my family still LOVES Me.



Furniture COMING SOON ! ! ! 


Anonymous said...

I had one of these in the exact same spot that I had removed years ago. I have never known anyone else who had one too! :)

PS. I love your furniture projects!

{A}ngie said...

Thanks Stacey. It has been fun to hear from you. I can't believe you had the same bump. I didn't realize how bad it hurt and bugged me until it was gone and healed. I bet you scar isn't as huge though~~~I had a chunk of skin between the incision and the stitches die. Thus, my body had to heal a large spot~~leaving a "bigger" scar beauty. Thanks for your comment. Take care.

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