Saturday, January 21, 2012


I got this from a guy called "CRAZY DAVE".  I was expecting an entertaining negotiation, BUT he was "BORING DAVE"!  Maybe, he only gets "CRAZY" after a few & at night.  HUM????  
I sanded and puttied here-n-there.  Then, I apply vasoline where I didn't want any paint to stick.  After that step, I sprayed the piece with a white paint that had the primer already mixed into it.  (Don't ask me what color white, because it was something I had in the garage already.  Sometimes, when I am running low on a color, I mix all that I have together and voila!  More paint,right?  It totally doesn't matter what I start with, because when I glaze, it takes on a different color and finish.) 

IMPORTANT: You have to spray vaseline-edged furniture.  The brush can't stroke across the vaseline.  It's never going to work~ just smear and wreak havoc!!!

When the paint had dried mostly but hadn't completely cured, I scraped the paint off where I had applied the vasoline.  Whenever I could, I would "tear" into the paint even further than where it wasn't sticking because of the lube.  That is why I worked on it before totally curing!

It gives a piece a more cool edge that looks amazing.  The trick takes practice. I use a flat edge scraper.  There isn't any rhyme or reason, just have at it.  It is all the artist's preference.

NOTE:  It is totally easier if it isn't staying at your home.  You aren't as critical and know that you are going to be staring at the distressing forever.  

{Anyway}, after I have all the distressing completed, I let it cure.  Then, the piece is glazed and finished with a poly.  My favorite piece of this CREDENZA (besides the drawers, and storage) are the knobs.  I found these right after picking up the piece.  I think it's amazing that the doors are cubed and the knobs are checkered too.  Thus, the black accents.  

Awe, the drawers.  
I LOVE a piece of furniture that I can add a {POP} factor to.  In this credenza, at a glance it really doesn't have much to it BBUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT~~~
Open the doors and WOWsers-fun!  
I did the stenciling with these.

I bought them at Lowe's.  I love them because they remind me of 
{Damask fabric} 
* which I am loving lately *

~Don't stress too much about clean're going to sand them for a distressed look anyway~

When you stencil, make the pattern random on each drawer.  You don't want them to look like they were printed from a warehouse (stamped-like in mass production).  Does that make sense?  You want them to compliment each other and balance each other.  Don't make one side heavier than the other.  I eyeball everything (except for hanging things on the wall.)

~~An innocent step stool~~ 
{T}his stool was nearby and sooooo.....
...It also got {D}amasked.
My little girl woke-up from a nap....very happy to see the "new girl" version.  Her older brother, whom it was originally created for, not as happy.

I got this step stool from The Wood Connection

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