Thursday, January 27, 2011

Box Car Derby-{A} race!

Every few years, our pack has a Box Car Derby.  

This year, we made this-

It is AWESOME!  My son, did a super job all by himself-wink, wink.  When we got to the event, you could totally tell which boys really made theirs themselves.  This particular boy, really can do it himself and it would look like I helped him.  He is VeRy artistic.  During this project, I was afraid for him and the rest of us, when he was sawing a box with a large knife (you know how it goes crazy like, and then there is blood).  

Some of the other entries were a UPS Truck, and a Semi.  The poor Semi Truck was soooo heavy, there is no way he could have ran a qualifying time.  Gav's trophy was because he ran the race the fastest.  Had I know this, he would have made a box, with two holes {PERIOD}.  Other trophy's were for creativity, 1st loser, 2nd loser etc.  If he wouldn't have won the physical category, I'm sure this would have won the Best-est one! 

On Another Note-
Attention Event Planners:  Don't have events that require you to stand outside in the freezing cold and spray paint.  The cans don't work, and we freeze to death, and the project takes forever to dry.

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