Friday, November 9, 2012

{Little} Pink Chair

I love little {pink} things!
This little chair is so stinking DARLING. 


The spindles are just the cutest. 
**NOTE:***These little chairs are hard to find. 

Newly refinished in a bright pink. The color makes me happy ;)

The chair was first painted in white so that it would show through after the distressing process.

411~First it was primed, then a layer of white, then a layer of pink.  Next, some distressing, then some glazing, and finished with poly.  
IT turned out just perfect!!!!

This size is perfect for a 2-4 years old girl. CUTE gift for Christmas. Any little girl would feel special in this chair. It's "hers".

The size is 26" tall at the back of the chair. 11 1/2" tall at the seat. The seat is 13" X 13". The base at the feet is 12" x 12".



Anonymous said...

I totally LoVe this chair! I think I need it {is that odd to need a chair?!} Let me know how to pay/obtain it, after school someday? If this is still available!
Sara Tucker

Anonymous said...

Can you help me with a question. I have not started any refinishing projects yet but want to. My DIL wants me to antique my grandson's baby bed. It is currently a nice light colored oak. I want it to be off white but then distressed like your pink chair above. I want dark to show through where I sand places. So should I prime it, then paint it black, then off white color then sand on it.. to get that look?? Or should I just prime it.. paint it white then sand/and distress some places then put a coat of stain and wipe the stain off?? What do you think? Thank you MUCH!!!!

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