Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{L}iKE ORanGe?

Truthfully, it wasn't ever available to buy
it's for my son's "orange" room.
OrANge **RETRO** DrEssER

I had to putty some damage here-n-there...
Then after some sanding, I sprayed it with a bright orange.  Oh MY was too BRIGHT, so I sprayed again with a darker orange.  Next, I did some distressing and glazed it.  During the distressing, the BRIGHTER orange popped out, and it added a cool effect!!!
To complete the dresser, I distressed a bit more, then glazed.  I glazed all sides of the piece and all the drawers.  It had a funky smell, and by doing this, it looks and smells new again.  I added some modern drawer pulls after coating it a few times with some poly.  It turned out {A}MAZING!!!
Well, my son wishes it was the "before" glazing color BUT I can't live in a 

NOTE:  this dresser was bought and painted with one of my sons in mind.  His favorite color is orange.  EVERYTHING we buy for him is orange.  So, when I moved all my boys from their old bedrooms into other bedrooms (we didn't move, just shaking things up around here), they all get to redecorate.  I did it for them, not because I was in the mood to redecorated -wink, wink---AnY HoW, his room will have ~~~ORANGE as an accent.  It should be interesting, stay turned for the reveal..........
I'm redoing two big boy rooms, so fun stuff coming~~I've been busy!


I love the two shades of ORANGE that the piece has.  It makes me happy when a mistake turns into AWESOMENESS {is that a word?}  I can't wait to get started on the desk and chair set for this room.  This son just moved out of a room he shared with his older brother.  The room has dinosaur murals on the walls.  I didn't want to paint over them but the two older boys were too old to live among dino walls.  So, I switched their rooms out with the two younger boys.  The younger boys are loving the "sharing" experience and talking during bedtime.  {The two older boys are often heard talking through the vents at night.  Their "new" locations are on top of the other~making it possible.}

Did U notice the writing on the chalk board? 
Again, congrats to G for placing second in his class this weekend.  I'll share a few pics of our race day.  
The weather was sooooo warm in Hurricane (St. George, Ut area)......
Remember: they ALL are dirty w/helmet hair~~~


Can U guess which son like ORANGE?

Cameron & Gavin's start...

Hubby's start...the best part is when it is completely silent and then they start up their bikes in an instant and peel off.  Well, my favorite part, second to them coming across the finish line uninjured with a dirty smile.

My hubby, 125P.

#17 finished #4 in his class.  
He got a trophy!!!

SO, as you can tell, the redecorated rooms will have some type of motor-cross/cycle theme.  At least, a big spot to display their trophies and pics.

Got to get going and paint something...VROOOM, VROOOMMMMMM....

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Cassie Bustamante said...

how fun is that! i LOVE that color and shape!

{A}ngie said...

Thanks U for stopping by and checking out my project. THaNks the color growing on me. Stop back for the room reveal soon.

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